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Oil Painting Church Street

Church Street Oil on Canvas 2011


Church Street is inspired by one of Vermont’s most famous, lively and always happening streets. Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, VT is known for its shopping, dinning, street music as well as home to many street fairs/festivals. This is one of Elizabeth’s truly original oil on canvas paintings. It is quite a large piece, measuring 48x60”...

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Oil Painting

Hella House Oil on Canvas 2011


Hella House is full of color and curiosity. The 38.5x48.5” oil on canvas painting depicts a thought-provoking scene through its large brush stocks of pure color. Although 4 figures are depicted here, the viewer can only really translate one of the figure’s facial expressions. Is there a bigger concept behind Hella House or is the painting simply...

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Oil Painting

Untitled Oil on Canvas 2011


Untitled is one of Elizabeth’s largest oil on canvas paintings, measuring 54.5x79”. The bold prismatic colors in this work are truly distinctive. The large brush strokes create a scene of 5 figures walking in an architectural setting. To see this work from a distance with the ability to walk up close is truly an experience. Size: 54x79 inch

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