Who We Are

  • Expressed Impressions was founded in 2009 as a division of Sharp Tooling Corp. Which was founded 54 years earlier. Sharp Tooling is a family own and operated machine shop with the mission of partnering with their clients and operating with a commitment to teamwork, quality, execution and efficiency. The core component of Sharp Tooling's success over resent years has been their ability to redefine traditional tool making methods with new methods that focus on not only reducing the number or operations required to make a tool, but to use manufacturing methods that assure quality and allow tools to be made to order in a reduced time frame.  

Expressed Impressions

This passion for creating and implementing these manufacturing methods favorably positioned sharp tooling for its entry into the personalized jewelry and memento business. With creativity, innovation and a "Customer-Centric" approach, Expressed Impressions in on a mission to provide its customers with premium, desirable, made to order products. Customer by customer we are building a brand that is synonymous with personalization, style, quality and value.